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(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About VA Loans

Looking for answers to your VA loan questions? Sometimes a Google search just won't do.

So we've compiled the perfect database of VA loan information in one handy blog post. From prequalification to VA loan closing costs, everything military buyers and military-friendly agents need to know about VA loans can be referenced in this handy resource.

The VA loan process is much less complicated than you might think, and the VA loan program opens a world of opportunities for you and your customers.

Chapter 1: VA Loans: Getting Started

The best way to start the VA loan process is with a thorough understanding of the program and its benefits. Check out a few of our favorite posts that address VA loan basics:

Chapter 2: The VA Loan Application Process

Ready to apply? Here's a look at what VA lenders will want to see from potential borrowers:

Chapter 3: Choosing a Home

House hunting: the most exciting part of the home purchase process! Hit the house hunting trail with these tips for choosing a home:

Chapter 4: Home Inspection / Appraisal

Each home purchased with a VA loan must meet VA appraisal guidelines. Make sure you're familiar with those criteria:

Chapter 5: Closing

What can buyers expect during the VA loan closing process?

Still have Questions?

Even the perfect blog post can't answer every question. Contact a Veterans United VA loan specialist at 855-870-8845 with any questions about the VA loan process.